IronRidge Resources is committed to being a responsible global citizen and a ‘good neighbour’ in all areas of work. IronRidge project areas are sparsely populated and we have extensively engaged all local stakeholders – from the provincial government in each African country we operate in, to the traditional community leaders and Village Chiefs.

IronRidge believes the key to being a good neighbour lies in regular, open dialogue with the communities in which we work commencing at grassroots level. Our geologists and local staff leading the effort and actively contribute to our belief that the company is a part of the community.

We’re conscious of our impact on the environment and have developed different practises that allow us to work with a sustainable, environmentally minded approach. We recognise the importance of leading and promoting the highest principles and practices to ensure health and safety for our team onsite and within our wider community. Minimising our environmental footprint is a key priority. Our aim is to undertake all activities in an environmentally responsible manner by integrating the protection of the environment into our everyday working practices.

We take pride in providing equal opportunities for employment.

Our goals are: 

·       Continue to make a strongly positive contribution to the local community; 

·       To have an injury and incident free workplace through ongoing commitment to best practices and regulations in Workplace Health and Safety

·       Provide medical assistance and training to both our employees and local community members

·       Rehabilitate the land and continue to improve and expand our reforestation initiatives

·       Regularly monitor the surrounding soil and waterways

·       Develop and operate equal opportunities and policies for all staff

Community Relations
IronRidge pledges to employ local workforce where possible, and support the local economy through community businesses, sponsorships and social events. Attracting and maintaining a skilled and diverse workforce is an integral part of IronRidge's 'good neighbour' approach. We are very proud of our local workforce in Chad, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

In Ghana, we are currently establishing a plant nursery at the Ewoyaa Lithium Project, this will work toward re-forestation post exploration and drilling activities. The drill rig access at the Ewoyaa Project has opened up an historic access road between the two local villages - allowing easier access for farmers and local community members. IronRidge was also responsible for clearing an area which will be used to build a community hall.

IronRidge regularly meets with Village Chiefs and landowners from the surrounding areas including Ewoyaa, Abonko, Anokye and Hweda. These meetings allow transparent communication between IronRidge and other parties. We provide constant updates on company activities and seeks approval from Village Chiefs for certain activities.

Contributing to Environmental Sustainability
IronRidge pledges to contribute positively to the community in which we work, avoiding and minimising potential impacts on the environment is paramount.

·       Health and Safety objectives

·       No business objective will take priority over health and safety.

·       No task is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely.

·      All injuries and incidents are preventable and IronRidge strives to conduct regular safety drills and monitor the quality of equipment

 Training and Development

IronRidge currently trains graduate geologists that are brought on board for employment and also trains lab technicians on the PRESS, pXRF and LIBS as well as data entry into excel. Once operations and exploration activities increase, IronRidge will create a more formal training system to implement company techniques and standards across the board.


Our core belief is that by enforcing a transparent, open dialogue of our activities with each local community, we can help create opportunities and contribute to building a better future together.